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zines available

Maximum Fancy (love letters I wrote some dude), Soft Animal (a love story in prose), n, (a love story in verse)….. Various editions $5-10…probably the last time these will be in print. Limited quantities available. Email me at for details/availability/to purchase.

Journey’s End Motel

new album drops 4/29. My words & voice with music by Michael Alan Goldberg. It’s really fuckin good. Preorder now.

looking (2021)

Blue horse, blue horseWon’t you come to me?Blue bird, blue birdWon’t you cry for me?Blue mommy, blue mommyWon’t you come to me? -mg Winter is dry and fire sweeps the plains. Gunshots and hard winds shake the city. I pile boxes and bags into the compact SUV, wondering at the luxury of my life. In…

New fall things

Garden of Earthly Delights #7 Listen to me read Strategy, from my book Selftitled, on Hello America’s Fall Mixtape

hello darling, i exist

i didn’t block you on social media. i deactivated that shit. it was very satisfying. i’ll probably be back. I want to do a physical newsletter/tiny zine on the regular. Rather than social media. In the style of Billy McCall (genius, hero) and suburban ladies who send out family updates with the Christmas card. But…

Go Read This

The Garden of Earthly Delights #3, by me

New shit

Read the first installment of the new column I’m writing for Hello America: The Garden of Earthly Delights #1 Listen to a podcast interview I did with Textual Healing: Tinder is the Touch

Sorry 2

I discover new varieties of heartbreak


i take a drive and think about things

by the sea

the state of things inside myself seem to improve

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Big News

a book! a tape! an excerpt!

Small Interview with Hello America

Elizabeth Thompson of Hello America Lit asked me some questions. Read the interview here. And don’t forget to preorder my tape! Out May 7, 2021.


Soft Animal is my small book about how tragedy can fall from the sky for no reason at all. It’s part poetry, part prose, all heart. It’s been a real joy to work with Adam Gnade and the folks at Hello America to transform Soft Animal into an audio recording. Get the cassette tape and…

animal emergency

I think, thank goodness I don’t have “Waiting Room” stuck in my head like always happens when I’m waiting and then the first chords sound. 


Being a single parent during pandemic or PTSD or poverty means you escape certain pains: the ravages of loneliness, purposelessness, boredom. Single parenting means you are never bored, never without a purpose, never lonely.