hello darling, i exist

i didn’t block you on social media. i deactivated that shit. it was very satisfying. i’ll probably be back.

I want to do a physical newsletter/tiny zine on the regular. Rather than social media. In the style of Billy McCall (genius, hero) and suburban ladies who send out family updates with the Christmas card. But instead of updating you on external events, I’m updating you on my internal events. That sounds horrible but also fun. Send me your mailing address and ILL DO IT. I know it’s scary to send a stranger your mailing address, so I guess if it feels too weird, just email and I’ll send you a PDF. Or something. Idfk

Other stuff, idk. New(ish) column up at Hello America, it’s called Broom and it’s very good.

I’m writing a new new column that is turning into an unwieldy nonsensical piece of shit. Maybe number six will be the last.

I’d rather be writing a novel!

Do you have cool historical shit or images or ephemera from Denver in the 70’s/80’s? I want it.


Try not to be a piece of shit.

Everything is gonna be ok.

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