Big News

BOOK! I’m so happy to announce that Trident Press in Boulder is publishing my first book: a collection of stories and poems called SELFTITLED. You can preorder the book starting May 20th, 2021, and it’ll be released on May 27th.

TAPE! The cassette tape/digital download of SOFT ANIMAL will be released May 14th. Get one! Order the tape here.

READ AN EXCERPT: Adam Gnade over at Hello America was nice enough to publish one of the (sweeter) stories from Selftitled over there, and also had some things to say about the book. Check it out right here. And if you like my writing, you should check out the other offerings at Hello America, because it’s all good, true, accessible literature that captures the beauty and terror of modern life.

Thanks for reading! Email me at largeunrulyheart at gmail dot com to order zines or tell me things. 🖤n

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